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Management Consulting

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Developing Human Resources Systems

Human Resource Development (HRD) system aims at creating such a climate. A number of HRD techniques have been developed in recent years to perform the above task based on certain principles

Organizational Transformation

Over the past five years, and especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid business transformation has become a necessity for organizations to keep up with the evolving workplace

Administrative Structure

Designing jobs

 Departmentalization or Grouping Jobs,  Establishing reporting relationships between jobs

Distributing authority among jobs

Building the vision mission and Policies

Creating your organization's vision and mission statements are the first two steps in the VMOSA action planning process. Developing a vision and mission statement is crucial to the success of community initiatives

Job analysis

Workforce planning
Performance management
Recruitment and selection
Career and succession planning
Training and development
Compensation administration

Measuring performance

A balanced scorecard is a strategy performance management tool – a well structured report

key performance indicator (KPI) a method for choosing important/critical performance measures