Difference Between Strategic Management and Strategic Planning

Dr. Tamer Saeed

Expert & Consultant In Strategic Management & Organizational Development

Strategic planning is an element of strategic management, and it is very wrong to think of it as strategic management itself, because strategic management means managing organizational change, managing organizational culture, managing resources, and managing environmental changes at the same time.

While strategic planning is the process of long-term forecasting, forecasting and allocating resources to the future, the difference between strategic management and strategic planning is articulated in a set of elements Strategic planning focuses on the selection and implementation of optimal strategic decisions, while strategic management focuses on the results achieved and included in the chosen strategy especially when it comes to the strategy of selecting new markets, products, or technologies Strategic planning is also represented in the Of the plans, implementation is phased while strategic management is expressed in the form of organizational aspects of the strategy.

Strategic planning also focuses on changes related to the economic and technological activity of an organization. This is different from strategic management in its overall interests. It is concerned with other important variables besides what strategic planning focuses on. Variables related to psychological, social, and political aspects. That is, strategic management focuses mainly on managing the interaction between the components of an organization on the one hand and the environmental variables of these components on the other. It thus attempts to achieve interaction and harmony between the organization and the surrounding environment the present and future of the organization, the various parts of the organization and their activities, the movement of the organization and the goals it has set for its achievement

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