Strategic management is a way to create the future of organizations “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Dr.Tamer Saeed 

  Expert& Consultant In Strategic Management &. Organizational Development

The concept of strategy appeared in the military field with the aim of studying the means of success in wars and battles waged by countries. The word strategy comes from the Greek word ‘strategy’. The concept of strategy depends on the interdependence and cohesion of three main elements:

  • Concentration of forces.
  • The economy of capabilities.
  • Freedom of movement.

After the spread of so-called economic wars and the close association between the economic and military fields, and with the intensifying competition between organizations, those in management have become more interested in the concept of strategy and how it is applied in management journals. Strategy has become an important and fundamental tool in the success of organizations. The dissemination of strategic thought among managers has become an important goal of the organization to enable them to take strategic decisions that enhance the organization’s value to all our clients, suppliers, contributors, owners, and even The value of an enterprise in a society ultimately leads to survival and growth.

Porter emphasizes the importance of strategy for achieving lasting effectiveness in the strong setting of the industry’s overall competitive framework, a definition inspired by the industrial economy and J.P.Angelier’s view of the definition of strategy as a set of decisions and means that the enterprise uses to cope with competitive pressures, but Porter points out that it is difficult to have a single, comprehensive definition of a strategy . He suggested three successive axes of the the strategy

  • to create a single value through which the institution guarantees a special coordination of activities 
  • Choosing what not to do is an object
  • The strategy is based on creating coherence between the activities of the organization 

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