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About Company

Proactive Management Consultancy and Development is an Egyptian company that specializes in the development of individuals and institutions through the best experts and professionals, established in the General Investment Authority in accordance with Low No.159 of 1981 and its implementing regulations. It may participate with companies that conduct similar business to its own or that cooperate in achieving its purpose in Egypt and abroad.


To be one of the leading companies in the Middle East that offer the best solutions and consultancy to develop individuals and organizations and achieve institutional and individual excellence.


Its aspirations are to deliver the best customer experience in all markets; to live up to the expectations that its individual and institutional clients will always have in terms of the highest quality, leading technology, competitive price, and credibility; to be the best service company in its industry and high adaptable to changes by transferring scientific and practical expertise through the best experts and professionals in the field individual and institutional development.

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