Al Burouj

Way In Building & Civil Construction


• 1,043 Acres.
• Fully-fnished products.
• Gated for privacy but in perfect tune with the greater community that surrounds it.
• State-of-the-art infrastructure already existing for residents.
• In partnership with top international & local institutions.
• Design efciency.
Boasting a prime location in East Cairo, Alburouj provides the perfect
integrated community for those wishing to connect, unwind and simply
experience the best in nature and life. Emulating the relationship between
constellations and stars, the 1,200 acre property comprises of a series of
specialized phases; each shining bright with its world-class amenities and
unmatched style.
Designed with infnite harmony in mind, Alburouj is expertly conceived with
respect to its natural surroundings to not only create a unifed aesthetic
pleasing to the eye, but also instill its own cultural norms, inviting likeminded neighbors to come together and enjoy a one-of-a-kind lifestyle.
Home to minimalistic yet green neighborhoods , landscaping at Alburouj
puts sustainability at its forefront by bringing residents closer to nature
through breathing spaces and lush views embracing every home.



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